We're glad you're here.

Who are you? Well you're the corner shop, the budding entrepreneur, the pavement hitting hustler, the local clinician, the inspiring charity, the friendly neighbourhood tradie or one of the many Australian small business owners doing what you do best; applying your trade, your passion, your idea and growing it into its full potential.

Who are we? We are your digital delivery partner ready to do what we do best; applying our trade, passion and ideas to your business. 

We work with our customers to establish an effective online brand and presence, online marketing and business development funnels, online service channels and even to more complex SaaS integration or business to cloud initiatives.

We are not a website development company, we are a partner to achieve business outcomes, online.

Who is 'we'?

We're glad you asked.

As digital is complex, we work with a highly experienced network of consultants. Collectively we provide end to end digital services to help small businesses achieve their goals. 

Two Hands Full is run by me, Michael Dalic, as my own small business.

I've worked for 10 years on some of Australia's most high profile digital assets, supporting the execution of new digital products, websites, apps, brands, technology infrastructure and customer support. If you've used an app or been online, chances are you've already interacted with something that I've worked on.

Big businesses get lots of attention, but being able to support an individual business owner is significantly more rewarding.

So I juggle my time, keeping my two hands very full.